CASTING DIARY  offer a full all-around entertainment solutions and we are the only user built Actors Database site . By registering with us, all actors- union, non-union, youth, adults, represented, or non-represented- can have equal opportunity to find work and make connections. We provide a way for creative head and directors to contact the talent directly through us.

If you are here just to find casting calls, then you are wasting your time. Most of our talent is casted though our search engines.We use a top of the line search engine that makes it easy for industry professionals to find you. With our search engine, creative head and directors can search for you by your  credits, agent or manager. Even in extreme cases, where a creative head may not know any of the above, he/she may search for you by providing just basic information such as actors code.

We are the only directory for actors, providing a full free database for the performing arts.